Dynamic Business Automation based on your Contract Portfolio

Dynamic Business Automation based on your Contract Portfolio


Intelligent Contract Portfolio

Floada leverages state-of-the-art AI to transform contract portfolio performance management, empowering organizations with Autonomous Agents that execute tasks based on deep insights, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and workflows.

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Insight Studio: Adaptable Contract Insights

Use Insight Studio to create extraction points using our simple Q&A interface, backed by cutting-edge GenAI technology. Visualize risks and manage them effectively with minimal effort.


Automate your Business with Autonomous Agents

AI autonomous agent leverage the identified Insights to perform user defined tasks by, utilizing the entirety of the organization's portfolio and associated data to inform it’s operations and decision process.

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Transform the Backbone of Legal Operations

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Magnify Visibility and Optimize Performance

Automate portfolio performance to track deadlines, auto-renewals and obligations, synchronize seamlessly with CRM, ERP and other systems.

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Slash Costs and Boost Revenue

Quickly identify cost-saving and revenue-boosting opportunities across your contract portfolio. Our AI delivers actionable insights for strategic decisions.

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Modernize Risk Management and Compliance

Maintain compliance effortlessly. Our AI Agents continuously monitor and adjust to new policies, interfacing with HR and legal systems to mitigate risks.

Why Floada?

Dynamic Business Wide Impact

Unlike traditional contract management solutions focused on drafting, language review and  passive use of this valuable information, we harness the full potential of your entire contract portfolio to enhance the overall business efficiency. Our innovative use of AI-driven Autonomous Agents automates labor-intensive tasks across organizational systems, pushing beyond the limits of conventional contract management solutions.

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